Chuck Greens Turbo Mini vans!

I am selling the following

P205/45R15 Nitto Drag Radials (used)  some life left    $  40.00
Mickey Thompson Slicks, used lots of life left 22x8x15  $150.00
used Mitsu TURBO 10,000 miles on it (real nice)          $150.00
almost NEW Mistu TURBO 1,000 miles on it                $250.00
1986 TURBO 1 (auto) Mopar Performance Computer   $ 80.00
1989 stock computer for a 2.5 Turbo (auto)                   $ 50.00

All parts are guaranteed by me with a FULL refund if buyer is NOT happy.

Buyer pays all shipping charges
Call Chuck @ 330-697-2391 cell phone

My name is Chuck Green, and these are my mini vans:

Number 1:
1989 Dodge Caravan ES  "turbo" Mini Van in Claret Red.
I bought it around Dec 2000 for the grand sum of $300.00.  It did not
run as the ignition cylinder was broke and the sliding door glass got shattered out by a snow
plow truck that morning.  I had it towed to our local Chrysler-Plymouth
dealership and went to work on it.

This van is loaded with all options: power steering-front disc
brakes-power outside dual mirrors-power windows-power rear
windows-overhead (full) console-power rear quarter windows-air
conditioning {does not work (YET)}-tilt wheel-cruise control--am/fm
stereo cassette player with graphic equalizer-power driver's
seat-intermittant wipers-luggage rack-tinted sunscreen glass-rear
wiper/washer/defroster (LOADED)

So far I have done the following: did all maint work--all new brakes
complete-installed a 2.5" diameter exhaust with dump tube and flowmaster
Pizza Rims (all media blasted-painted silver and baked)-new chrome acorn
P205-45r15 Nitto Drag Radials on the front-drop in K/N Air
Filter-Mallory Blaster Coil (red)-Taylor Plug Wires (red)-wire looms
(red)-had the head replaced with a good used one (original was
carcked)-had the valve cover media blasted/painted and baked-all new
belts including timing belt-all new motor and trans mounts-new
radiator/hoses/heater core/t stat and gasket/-had the radiator electric
fan wired to a toggle switch so that I can turn it on at will-new water
pump and gasket-installed 3 Auto Meter Gauges (boost-air fuel-water
temp)-front end alignment along with new front struts-tops and rear
shocks-installed a boost controller and set it at 11psi of boost-the
power steering fluid-transmission fluid-fuel injectors all have been
power flushed-installed new fuel filter.

I just had the hood stripped and all the dents removed-painted and new
clear coat along with the sliding door and the passenger rear wheel lip (in fact
the wheel lips is off a Chevy) shhhhh.

RUBY (Claret Red) 1989 Dodge Caravan ES the following has been
done: removed the following--both back seats; spare tire assembly;
scissors jack and bracket, a/c compressor-lines-condensor-cooling fan.
I have installed the following:
Auto Meter Gauges for boost--air/fuel--water temp; 180 degree T-Stat
with small hole drilled through it; Taylor Spark Plug Wires; MSD Blaster
Coil--mounted coil real close to distributor; Mopar Performance Hard
Passenger Mount; Quickor Front Engine Mount; 4-Pizza Rims with
P205/50r15 in the front and P205/60r15 in the rear; Boost Controller
(set at 13 psi) with closed exhaust; Cut Out Razor; complete 2.5"
diameter exhaust with Flow Master Muffler and a Dump Tube welded into
the pipe (when I open the dump tube boost goes to 15psi); Trans-go Shift
Kit put in Transmission when rebuilt; installed switch that can turn on
the cooling fan from inside the van; and a
drop in K&N Air Filter.

 So far her best numbers are:

R/T         .512
60'         2.147
330'       6.259
1/8        9.738
MPH    70.53
1000'    12.710
1/4        15.316
MPH     87.53


Number 2:

This is my 1989 Plymouth Voyager SE "turbo" Mini Van. . I call this van
"BLUE".  .
I bought her back on 11-19-96 with 57,203 miles.  Blue originally came
from Alburque, NM and she has yet to see any winter driving.  The Van
cam with the following:
2.5 "turbo" motor--3 speed auto on the column--tilt wheel--cruise
control--air cond--
tinted sunscreen glass--manual windows and manual door locks--rear wiper
and washer (no defroster)--am/fm cassette radio.

So far I have done the following to BLUE: moved the radiator over and
installed a T2 intercooler--removed the fan for the a/c
condensor--installed cut out razor--boost controller--Taylor Plug
Wires--Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator--20% Fuel Injectors--Auto
Meter Gauges (tach-oil press-water temp-air fuel mix-boost)--installed a
toggle switch that can turn on the cooling fan--put in a Cheetah Full
Manual Valve Body in the trans--MP High Perf Motor Mounts--fuel press
gauge under the hood--
Had the valve cover redone and painted--installed a set of 15" Pizza
Rims with new chrome lugnuts--boost is set to 18psi now--complete 2.5"
exhaust with NO cat conv--
Flow Master Muffler and a dump tube--I race either on p205-45r15 Nittos
or I use a set of M/T Slicks mounted on aftermarket rims.  The two rear
seats have been removed as well as the spare tire and jack assembly
(have to save weight).

The times posted below were done about a year ago.  Since then i have
installed a T2 "turbo" along with a 3.0" down tube.  Unfortunately I
lost 2nd gear a week later and the van has been in storage ever since.
I am now working real hard on the Claret Red and doing light stuff to
the Black Cherry Van. I should have BLUE out before the end of summer
(late August/early Sept) and hoping to see some 13.70's with the new
turbo and trans rebuild.

This is the 89 turbo van which I race, and is in the process of doing some heavy modifications to. 14 psi of boost, with slicks on the front! On 10-10-01 ran a best as follows:
60'      1.930
330'    5.768
660'    9.063
mph   74.15
1320   14.361
mph    92.00


Number 3:
The Black Cherry "turbo" Mini Van.

Well Andy (my 16 year old son) and I went to Drag Way 42 on 10-15-02.
This is the last race of the season for us.  Andy was racing MONA (Black
1989 Dodge Caravan. So far we have installed 4 Pizza Rims with
P205-60r15 Cooper
Cobra Tires; Mopar Performance Computer; K&N Air Filter (drop in);
Taylor Spark Plug Wires; a switch to turn the cooling fan on from the
dash; TK7 Fuel and Oil Additives; we use Sunoco 94 Octane fuel; we have
removed both back seats; the spare tire and the jack assembly. Mona has
158,000 on the odo BUT she did get the engine-turbo-transmission all
replaced when she had 69,500 miles by Chrysler.
Here are her BEST numbers to date.

R/T        .504
60'        2.241
330'      6.433
1/8      10.096
MPH   67.76
1000'   13.177
1/4      15.869
MPH   84.56

Note: Everything else is still 100% stock

The van had 153,000 miles on it when I bought it.  The engine, transmission,
and turbo were all replaced under the 7/70 warranty.  So they each have
around 83,000 miles.  I also was given a Mitsu Turbo in the box with
1,000 miles on it.  Every thing works on the van except the a/c.  I
bought it for $650.00 and DROVE it home.

The van has power steering and power front disc brakes, manual front
windows and outside dual mirrors, power rear quarter windows, overhead
console, rear window wiper-washer-defroster, and clear windows. It is
Black Cherry in color. The interior is in great shape and the body is
above average. (some rust)



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