The valve body:

(Above "normal" valve body removal)

Lots of people ask what is involved in installing the Manual Valve body. Remove the shifter arms from the top, then the bolts marked.
The yellow circles mark the bolts that hold the valve body into place. 10 mm socket. the two lower yellow circles on the left mark the park pawl retainer. I have found it easiest to remove the bolts, then swap the park rod over to the new valve body after it is out. (13 mm)  The yellow arrow marks the governor pressure lines that will just pull out when you remove the valve body.
The red circle marks the pressure adjustment screw. Loosen it (compress the spring) to raise the pressure! It is in the same place on the "factory" valve body also. I suggest raising the pressure a little on any transmission for a little firmer shifts. (Red circle above)


To lower shift points (sometimes required when line pressure gets too high) from Joe Dzwil:

To lower the shift points, change the governor. Use the hollow "big" valve with the orange spring from a turbo trans and a solid
 "small" valve from a TBI trans.
 If you want still lower shift points, so you can up the line pressure. Lighten the big valve(hollow)a
little by spinning it in a drill with the small end chucked in. Use a stone tipped die grinder and open the hole up on the big side a little.

The governor is located under (ok over) the valve body and is easy to
get to. If anyone needs info on this trans get a service manual from
Chrysler or for $14.99, order a ATSG Techtran manual from JC Whitney,
part # 16zh7289u.

Joe Dzwil
Matawan, NJ

(Note, the top picture on this page has a yellow "arrow" tht points to the two steel tubes that supply the governor with fliud, the governor is just above this)

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