Just Some Pictures on removing the transmission
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4 bolts on the front motor mount must be removed, and possible the one LONG bolt that goes thru the rubber
block if the mount is still in your way when you try to put the trans back in.

Dust cover must be removed to gain access to the 4 torque converter bolts (Converter bolts 18 mm)
Spray paint or mark on the flywheel and convereter to mark how they bolt back together. The 4 bolts will
only go on ONE WAY.  Look for a circle stamped in the fly wheel next to the odd bolt

This is the speed sensor (this one does NOT have the speedo cable). It is on the passenger the passenger
side axle housing and is held in place with one 10 mm bolt. After removing bolt, just rotate it back and forth
pulling it out. It has a O ring seal so will be a little tight.

Three Starter Bolts-  The very top bolt is actually the top rear bell housing bolt into the engine block.
The bolt just beneath that is the top starter bolt, to the right is a nut that is screwed onto a stud on the starter. At the
bottom of the picture is the back side of the lower Starter Bolt. It is screwed in from the passenger side and is a BITCH
I think it is 15 mm. You really need the axle out to get at this bolt.

Shown in this picture is the FRONT BAND ADJUSTMENT, KICKDOWN CABLE, and SHIFTER CABLE along with
there respective levers.

These levers get rusted and stick together, and the kickdown lever sticks and will not "spring" return.
This makes the transmission shift at much higher speeds than normal, and can be mistaken for a faulty

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