How much did it cost???

I have MANY request asking how much it cost to build this van. To be honest, I did not keep very good records. I built this van at a time when I was going through a Divorce, and just needed a escape. I will try to put together a list of the major items I did, and will include those performance item that were first installed, then later replaced with bigger or better components further down the list. This is a list of the current modifications only:


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Purchase price of the Van, May 1999 $800
Intercooler, Ford power stroke $230
Piping for the cooler, (est.) $100
52 pph super 60 injectors $135
Adjustable fuel pressure regulator from Duane Snyder  e mail:  $50
Opened up fuel rail from James Reeves $50
Forward Motion Enforcer 2 Turbo $900
extra fuel injectors from a VW Rabbit $20
Hobbs pressure switch $50
2 stage boost solenoid from a Isuzu Impulse $0
K and N Cone filter Made for a full size chevy $45
Zener Diode for Map Sensor $20
Grainger Valve for boost control $8
Misc. Vacuum line, hose and connectors, fuel lines, etc. $100
Balance shafts removed $20
Under drive pulley Forward Motion $130
Head Gasket and bolts $50
G cast head (from Matt Green, E bay $400
180 degree thermostat with rubber gasket $10
Custom PCV Valve and Breather $15
 Ported Exhaust Manifold from Forward Motion $150
Auto Gauge 20 psi Boost Gauge $30
Auto Meter Water Temp Gauge $55
Auto Gauge 5 inch Tach with shift light $120
Cyberdyne Fuel pressure Gauge $100
Cyberdyne Air Fuel Gauge $50
light weight battery, new cables and mount $50
22 inch M/T slicks on donated wheels $300
Full Manual valve body from Turbo Action   Cheeta Valve  $150
Front end Alaignment to true Zero $50
Below is a list of other Items I installed either for durability, or maintenance, but MAY not have made the van any faster: 
Racing Snell 95 Helmet $150
New Clutch packs (4) and seals in transmission  $100
New posi unit from Future Auto $600
New 4 wire O2 sensor $55
New Belts $50
New Axles $170
New Brakes $50
New Brake Disc $75
New Calipers $50
New Brake Hose $15
New Wheel Cylinders (rear) $10
New Ball Joints $150
Orange engine paint $10
New oil pan gasket, valve cover gasket, front and rear seals, cam seal $100
New ignition system (stock) $75
New radiator $130
New Radiator hoses, new heater lines and hose $70
Radiator mount to move radiator $4
New BBS Alloy wheels with lug nuts $100
New General H speed rated tires $300
Mobil One 10 w 30 oil $20
Fuel filter $20
full 3 inch exhaust all they way out the back  (*see update below) $100
New Carpet $28
30 psi gauge and pressure switch lights in dash $30
Grand Total
Also, money spent on things that did not work good enough, or I "out Grew"
T2 intercooler $100
Isuzu intercooler $30
Used Transmission $250
20 inch used slicks $100
Carburetor cleaner, rags, supplies, misc. hose, clamps, oil, a new jack, special socket to fit lug nuts $300
2.5 inch exhaust out the pass. side $75
Plus an easy $2500 on race fuel, track admission, track time, etc. SDAC 10, some this summer, but mainly last summer.
OVER $10,000 !
Oh, Sh*t, I should have never figured this up, 
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Update! Summer of 2001:
Bought a new custom Computer from Rob Maxon $300
3 Bar (28psi) Map Sensor  Gm part number 16040749 $75
4 new 75 pound per hour injectors $320
New 3 inch mandrel bent down pipe off the turbo from Rick Diogo $175
New head gasket and transmission freshen up $300
EGT gauge from Auto Meter $120
255 LPH high volume, high pressure fuel pump $120
Magnacore spark plug wires $40
Another O2 sensor $50
Sub Total for Summer of 2001 (add to above total) $1500