Ford Power Stroke Intercooler Installation

This is a story of how to pack 10 pounds of crap in a 5 pound bucket,
in other words, how I installed a HUGE intercooler from a 1999 Ford Power Stroke Diesel Pick up
into my 1989 Dodge Caravan Mini Van.
First, Let me explain why I chose the PS Diesel Cooler:
It is being bought new for just over $200 from the local Ford Dealer,
and getting prices for Spearco coolers of 3 to 4 times that much, I felt it was worth a shot.
This cooler has 23 tubes, 1/2 inch by 2 inch.
The cooler is 39 inches wide, 18 inches tall, 2.5 inches thick overall (plus inlet & outlet).
The actual core measures 18" tall, 30" wide, 2" thick.
It has 3 inch inlet and outlet connections, on about 35 inch centers

Compare Size of cooler to Standard Dodge Daytona T2 intercooler

Front View, I cut off the lower mount tabs.

Compare 3 inch inlet to 2.25 inlet of Standard Dodge T2 intercooler.

This is the cooler leaning against the front of the mini van after
I had 2.25 inch Alum tubing welded in where the 3 inch was.
This was welded in at a slight angle to help with the plumbing.
The ID of the 3" was 2.25, so the new tubing was a perfect fit!

Taking the van apart for the install.  Still had to take of the bumper.

There it is installed.
I had to cut two 3.5 inch holes in the radiator support for each nipple.
The cooler is under the small bent down metal at the top, and is sitting
on two Angle Iron "shelf's" on the bottom.

 This is before I decided to cut off the 3" tube and have 2.25 inch welded in.
As you can see, It is very close to the alternator.
I had the 2.25 inch tube nipple welded in at a upward angle to give more clearance to the alternator.

 A picture of the cooler installed, passing thru the support.
Sitting on the support is the 3" nipple I cut off the cooler along with a piece of the 2.25 tubing.

 The tubing is connected to the cooler outlet under the battery tray with 2.25" radiator hose.
On the tube is the small mount for the 5th injector.
Under the TB is the outlet pipe from the turbo, connecting to the silver elbow to going over by the alternator.
Shown without the hose clamps or 5th injector installed.

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