The Smith Family

Thanksgiving, 2001, Robin, bother (in back) and my sister in law Sandy


I Got Married!  Thats right, this is one of the actual wedding pictures!  They made me take off my hat!

This page is about my family.  I have three boys, aged 7, 11, and 13, and Scotty, 15.  They like to eat, play, and eat.

This is a picture of Richard, Josh, Myself, Robin, and Tylor, standing in front of the Rain Forest in Downtown Chicago. I do wear something besides overalls sometimes, just not often. (Scotty is taking the picture!)

This is my step son, Scotty. He is good on his bike!

This is Tylor and Josh with a freind, Keith. (I think he is moving in).
They are feeding Tylors Craw fish he found in the creek.
They eat worms he found under rocks in the yard.
The Frogs, Snails, Bugs, Crickets, and, well you get the picture (also in the tank) dont seem to mind the Craw dads.

Richard playing with his Birthday Present, A Tech Deck

This is Tylor at his Grandma's in Arkansas

Dad giving his boy the big bear hug!

This is Joshua,  he's 7.  Josh goes to 1st grade.  He is the baby, and he knows it.  He makes life for his three older brothers miserable, as they don't always want him hanging around.

My oldest son, Richard on the go kart.

The excitment builds!  Getting Rady to Take out the Go Karts!

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