2.5 liter Balance Shaft removal
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I could not feel any real increase in vibration, but I did many other modification to this engine at the same time which changed the way it ran and felt.

Bottom view of balance assembly. Hose at top of picture is heater hose connected to water pump.
You will have to disconnect the oil pickup tube to remove the assembly. It is obvious once the oil pan
is off, which bolts hold it up to the bolt. 6 bolts in all.

Tall picture I know. This is a view from the right fender well. I have removed 3 of the 4 bolts which
hold the thin metal cover over the front of the sprockets. Water hose on the right.
The crank timing belt sprocket is at the top of the picture. To cut the chain, I used a 4 inch grinder and
ground through the chain

Above the chain is cut. You can see where I nicked the block with the grinder ( the shiny spot above the left side
of the left sprocket)  You turn the engine over to roll the chain out.

There is the 7 mm bolt tap. the water pump is on the right, and you can see the chain sprocket on the crank. Also
note the flat milled area where the  shaft assembly was bolted up. I just coated a 7 mm x 25 mm bolt with silicone
RTV and screwed it in tight, after tapping the threads. The hole is at a angle to the front, and the head of the bolt just scrubbed against
the block.

Screw the tap in, working it back and forth, and flushing the hole out with WD 40:
Run the tap in a ways, the take it back out, stick the red tube from the WD 40 can WAY up in the hole and flush the metal shavings back out. Then screw the tap in again, but deeper still. Keep doing this until it is deep enough, or it gets to hard to turn-  Dont break off the tap!

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