The Green Booger
This is my 1976 Ford E-350 one ton Van.  I bought this for $500 in 1992 when I owned my store.  I had to get it to give my Mazda truck a break.  My store colors were Green and yellow, so I painted this truck to match. It just so happens to look like a Big John Deere.  I used this truck to haul 50 pound bags of feed and corn. Twice a week I went 140 miles one way and picked up 12,000 pounds in the box.  This put the gross weight at 20,000 pounds.  Not bad for a one ton.  The transmission went out right after I sold the store in 1994, and was rebuilt. I moved to Illinois from Arkansas in this truck.  I still use it to haul what the Mazda can't.  The engine finally broke a piston last fall, so I bought a new 351 W engine, and replaced it.  This is a Arkansas truck, having no rust. While replacing the engine, I replaced all 6 tires with new 16.5" radials from Pep Boys, new Super halogen headlights, new Carburetor, water pump, fuel pump, all new hoses and belts, new trans filter and fluid, and 7 quarts of Mobil One 10w30 Synthetic oil in the engine, and Mobil One 75w90 Gear oil in the Rear end.


Removing the engine in one of these trucks is a real trick.  I had to make a short "stirrup" to bolt onto the carb. flange, and stick a fork lift tine through it as there is almost know room to lift the engine up off its mounts.  Practically the entire front cap had to come off to pull the engine.

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